Thinking Fitness Update – 24/06/20


The government announced that gyms will not re-open on the 4th July, however we are expecting a date for the re-opening of gyms to be confirmed in July. In the mean time we’ve been working hard preparing our gyms and are looking forward to welcoming all our members back in the next couple of weeks.

You will probably have lots of questions about what your gym will look like when it re-opens so we have created this video to highlight the key changes we are putting in place to ensure your safety… you may recognise some of the faces that helped us to create the video!


To help you adjust to the changes we’ve had to make and to make sure you feel confident in retuning we have decided not to charge any membership fees throughout July. We want you to feel comfortable returning to the Thinking Fitness environment when the time is right for you. 

As we have more details about our re-opening we will of course keep you updated.

We look forward to seeing you all soon, The Thinking Fitness Team.

Personal Trainers / Fitness Instructors

Adam Sleiman (Personal Trainer)

Adam has worked for Thinking Fitness since the beginning and has moved through the ranks now working as one of our Senior Sports Coordinators. He is Level 2 and 3 Gym Qualified meaning he is a fully Qualified Personal Trainer and can assist you with all your training needs. Health and Fitness has always been a passion for Adam having experience competing at a national level in various sporting events.

So whether you are looking to improve for a sport specific goal or general fitness Adam is here to assist you.

Feel free to get in-touch or say hi next time you are using Thinking Fitness. If you have any questions about your fitness or wish to book a free personal Training consultation there has never been a better time to ask!

(Specialism areas)

  • Nutrition Plans
  • Exercise Plans
  • 1 to 1 Training
  • Group Sessions
  • Sports Specific

Steve Ellis 

Steve is our Centre Manager. He is Level 2 Gym Qualified and can assist you with your fitness needs, from inductions through to programs Steve has worked in the sport and fitness world for a number of years.

Steve’s also a Qualified PGA Golf Professional and part of his degree was sport science, he has a vast amount of knowledge in this field which can assist you if you are looking to add a few yards through training.

If you require any help or advice please feel free to get in touch with Steve.

Likewise if there is any Centre related matters Steve is here to take any feedback and improve your Thinking Fitness experience.

Telephone: 0333 360 2060

(Specialism areas)

  • Golf Specific Training
  • Workout Plans

Tyrone Mensah (Fitness Instructor)

Tyrone joined us in July 2019 as Senior Sports Coordinator and has quickly gained his Level 2 Gym Qualification. Tyrone is currently working towards becoming a Personal Trainer here at Thinking Fitness.

Tyrone has a passion for Fitness and is committed to help, grow the Thinking Fitness brand and improving customer experience.

Tyrone currently offers inductions and is able to create work out plans to help you meet your current fitness goals using our pulse move system.

Please say hi to him next time your in club.

Telephone 0333 360 2060


(Specialism areas)

  • Strength Conditioning
  • Exercise Plans

Emily Anderson (Personal Trainer)

Emily joined Thinking Fitness in October 2019 after completing her Level 2 Gym instructor and Level 3 Personal Training course.

Emily currently offers personal training here at Thinking Fitness and can assist you with achieving your goals from weight loss, training for a race and anything in between.

Her passion for health and fitness comes from when she used to train with a local athletics club, she now channels this enthusiasm into helping people to improve not only fitness but overall well-being.

Emily currently delivers the following fitness classes: Bootcamp, Aerobics and TF Cycle (Spin) so there’s something for everyone.

You can contact Emily or pop in for a chat next time you visit Thinking Fitness.

Personal training consultations are free so book one today to get started!

Email –                                                                              Instagram – @erafitness1                                                                                                                  Facebook – ERAFitness

(Specialism areas)

  • Nutrition Plans
  • Exercise Plans
  • 1 to 1 Training
  • Group Sessions
  • Sports Specific
  • Cardio endurance
  • Weight loss.